Why the ‘transformation’ programme cycle is doing you more harm than good

Look, we get it . At least once a year, social media is awash with 'summer bod' programs. (You know your bod is summer-ready every year?) Coach Dan discusses why this is problematic in the world of health & fitness.

Coach Dan Author

We get it. Really.

You want to shed a few pounds and feel better.

We’re all for this. Go team.

But what we’re not for is the repetitive cycle of chasing something you think you want based on external influence.

It’s no different to being ‘good’ all week to then smashing the arse out of it Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To then ‘get back on track’ Monday.

Instead, how about taking stock of what you want?

We’re not talking about goals.

What do you value?

Seriously the reason for signing up to these ‘quick-fix’ programs time and time again is because of not knowing your true values…and how those connect with your overall goals.

The breakthroughs are clear when the penny drops.

People don’t value weight loss; they value health or family.

The real reasons behind your choices.

“I’ll be happy when ______”

Insert the blank…

“I lose 5kg”

“I tone up”

“I get promoted”

All fabulous goals, by the way.

But ever wondered why when you achieve them, you don’t feel happy?

It’s because you’re mistaking your goals for your values;

Then tying your overall happiness to them.

Which leaves you disappointed when you tick them off, only to find that you aren’t magically content.

Listen, we’d have shrugged this off in the past too…

…just another ‘woo woo’ thing.

Except we absolutely assure you it’s not. And if you’re intrigued, why not find out more about how our coaching works and why we integrate this from the start. Check out our 1-2-1 coaching.

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