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Your time as a Strong Collective client will set you up for life with skills, knowledge, confidence, and mindset tools.

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What’s different about
1-2-1 coaching?

Personalised plans

Your coach will build your training plan and personalised nutrition guidance, completely tailored to your goals, background, and lifestyle. Not a copy-and-paste meal plan to be seen!

  • Training and nutrition plans designed for you, by your coach
  • Focus on education, skills, and mindset mastery
  • Weekly updates and ongoing feedback

Mindset & confidence

The most powerful bit of your body is your brain, and we’ll help you develop confidence and self-belief alongside the physical changes.

  • Support and education around body image
  • Custom journalling prompts
  • Confidential support to break through barriers

Team spirit

You’ll have access to our incredible client community so you can swap stories with people on the same journey. Enjoy the support (and some first class bantz!)

  • Regular contact with your coach community
  • Access to the Strong Collective
  • Introduction to relevant tools, resources, and videos

Our promise to you

We’ll be in your corner

1-2-1 coaching is a partnership. We’ll do everything we can to educate, encourage, and support you as you make these important changes.

Evidence-based advice

We are passionate about education, and keep learning to make sure our advice is the best it can be. You can expect industry-leading fitness and nutrition guidance from us.

You’ll overcome barriers

This is fitness and nutrition coaching, but we help with so much more than that. It will be life-changing. You should be prepared for mindset shifts, reframing, and breakthroughs.

Coaching that grows with you

You might come to us with one goal, then realise you want to work on something different as we shift into new phases. That’s what we’re here for.

How exactly does it work?

Stage 1: Set up

Stage 1: Set up

First, we’ll set the foundations by getting to know you. We like to find out about your lifestyle, values, and experiences with health and fitness before we write your plans. The main focus in Stage 1 is the immediate goals you told us about when you signed up.

Stage 2: Collaboration

Stage 2: Collaboration

Once we’ve established a baseline, your coach will build out the next phase. By now you will have seen some really great progress with your initial goals. This is where you’ll start to work on your medium- and long-term goals.

Stage 3: Specialisation

Stage 3: Specialisation

The specialisation stage might crop up at any point as you focus on medium-term goals. This is where we’ll focus on a specific and personal target that will make a big difference to your life. It might be physical, mindset, or habits.

Stage 4: Evolution

Stage 4: Evolution

By now, you’ll know what coaching means to you. You may be ready to go it alone (we can get you set up for success) or you might want our support and accountability for longer. Your coach will help you reflect so you get the very best out of coaching.

Got a question?

Yuk, sorry to hear that. We don’t do meal plans (although we do give suggestions and ideas), and you will hear from us at least once a week (in your online check-in). We’re always available to support between check-ins too.

Sorry, no. You don’t want to see us jumping about in our living rooms, trust us on that one!

It’s not mandatory, but we do encourage you to film your lifts in the gym. That way we can advise on little tweaks and changes to help you get the most out of training. We also have a huge library of technique videos.

If you particularly want to work with one of us, book your initial call with that coach. If you’re not sure (or you don’t mind), just book a call and we’ll fit you to the right coach. We’re all fabulous, of course!

Absolutely not. Many of our clients train at home, often with minimal equipment. Your coach will design a plan based around where you train and what kit you have.

Yes, in fact many of our clients travel regularly for work and see amazing success. Your plan will be set up for your lifestyle, and we will adapt training cycles and sessions around any changes that crop up.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach and we’ll tailor your nutrition strategy to you . Some (but not all) of our clients will track scale weights, some will track calories and macros, and some won’t. We’ll discuss this with you and we’ll never tell you what to do.

We’ll never ask you to force feed yourself any foods you don’t like, just like we won’t ask you to exclude foods you enjoy! We’ll work with your food preferences in mind and you’ll have autonomy over your nutrition choices at all stages.

We have options for you to pay on a rolling monthly basis, in 3 month blocks or even 6 months upfront. It’s up to you, but the best way is to sign up for 3 months initially, then you’ll feel that you’ve got “skin in the game” and be more committed to the process.

Anything from 3 months to 2+ years – it really depends on your goals, what you need to work on, and how much support you need. We’ll have regular chats about how it’s going.

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