Muscle Building Supplements: Fact or Fiction?

There are absolutely no supplements that build muscle with the exception of steroids.

Coach Sameet Author

There is no supplement on the market which will make you build muscle by itself.

What builds muscle is training at a high enough intensity level (<4RIR), making sure your protein intake is sufficient, your calories are in check (preferably maintenance or a surplus) and you’re focusing on recovery, which includes sleep but also rest days and stress levels.

If you wanted to further add stuff to it then protein servings (3-5 per day) and training periodisation could both play a part as well.

The one supplement that can assist you is creatine monohydrate but even with that you need to be doing the basics first, the basics that I just mentioned.

Every time I talk about this, someone then wants to know why supplement companies say muscle building / builds muscle on the packaging?

Well, you need to understand that these supplement companies do not care about you or your money. They only care about profits and using such ambiguous terms in marketing helps them dupe people into buying their brand. That’s pretty much it.

So stop falling for these so-called magical supplements over and over again.

If you want to spend money and make gains, you’d be better off hiring a coach to help you navigate all this jargon and help you understand what truly matters.

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