Meal plans are not sustainable!

If we had a pound for every time we're asked about meal plans... we'd have at least £10! Jokes aside, Coach Sameet is here to explain why this isn't the solution you're looking for [cue Jedi Mind Tricks]

Coach Sameet Author

We often get messages asking us if we make meal plans / diet plans for clients.

And every time, we end up explaining why we don’t make meal plans and why we feel they don’t work for most people.

Most meal plans that people follow involve some form of food elimination / restriction.

This can lead people to a negative headspace where they start fearing foods that have been restricted.

Not cool and not needed.

Also, most plans don’t teach you much about nutrition and / or your eating habits.

Let’s assume we cave in (we won’t) and make you a meal plan without any nutritional coaching around it…

At some point, you will move away from the meal plan.. and once you deviate from the meal plan you will be stuck wondering where to go from there

Usually what happens is people go back to previous eating habits and start gaining weight again.

This then turns into this cycle of yo-yo dieting, where you’re either on the plan or off it.

Again, not cool and not needed for progress.

Instead, we’d rather teach you about how food affects your weight and what fundamentals you need to focus on to lose / gain weight, or meet whatever goal you have laid out.

You can then build your own meal structure based on your lifestyle, routine, preferences and ease…

And ultimately, you will be able to continue making progress on your own in the future without the need for a meal plan.

If these meal plans work for you, then great. However, once you stop, what do you do then?

Meal plans are not long-term sustainable options.

Also with meal plans, you are often limited in food options. Eating the same foods week after week can be boring AF and it makes it difficult when you are in situations where you can’t eat according to your plan.

This messes with your social life as well.

One again, not cool and not needed.

Our goal at Strong Collective is to educate you, so that you can continue on your own and take control of your own health and happiness.

If that sounds like your kind of vibe, what not book a call with us today to find out how we can support you in smashing your goals? Book a call today.

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