Can Flexible Dieting end up becoming inflexible?

Is it about more than just an 80/20 rule? Coach Vic delves into why she believes there is more to it...

Coach Vic Author

You may have heard this phrase and it sounds like something that could work for you… but like everything, context is key and it can in some cases end up feeling quite inflexible. Here’s why!

When people talk about flexible nutrition, you often hear the 80/20 rule used as an example of flexibility, or people having fewer calories during the week versus the weekend. Some people refer to calorie cycling, calorie banking, IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros); it’s all fundamentally about giving you the most amount of flexibility when it comes to your diet.

Of course these flexible ‘methods’ are part of it and can be incredibly helpful when navigating certain goals

But for us, what true flexibility *really* is – and what we’ve worked on with many clients on being able to see – reaches way beyond just this and into how you think and what you feel when it comes to food and eating.

A flexible approach to dieting can be great, but a flexible mindset when it comes to your relationship with food is a great goal to strive for! And actually it’s the thing that’s going to make the biggest difference when it comes to maintaining the results you achieve.

If embracing this means that your body composition goals take a little longer to get, but you are making progress in terms of your mindset, this is AMAZING and we celebrate that sh*t!

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