Don’t mistake being full for being satisfied

Next time you prepare something to eat… or you sit and eat a meal… Coach Vic has some food for thought on the topic of fullness and satisfaction.

Coach Vic Author

There is a place for fullness (or satiety, as we normally call it), for sure.

When dieting, or in a fat loss phase, you’ll want to have a strategy to manage and reduce hunger where possible; high volume, low calorie foods, protein goal set appropriately, adequate fibre, how you space out meals etc. We work with our clients to supply them with several tools along these lines to make the journey a little easier.

So all of this is important. It plays a role in adherence; in other words, goes some of the way to helping you stick to what you’re doing.

But are you focusing so much on fullness… that you’re neglecting satisfaction? Or are you having to work really hard on convincing yourself that you’re satisfied, when actually you may be full…. But not satisfied by what you’ve eaten at all?

To feel full and to feel satisfied are quite different. If you’re keeping yourself full, this is great, but if this always means you’re neglecting having any foods that bring you joy, you’re leaving other needs unmet.

Our advice?

Sure, keep yourself satiated, it’s smart.

Just recognise that it’s not the same as feeling satisfied.

Try to stop using them interchangeably.

Remember to include some foods in your diet that bring you nothing but joy. It doesn’t mean every single meal has to, but don’t neglect the joy factor

Food is FAR more than just calories and nutrients.

We’d love to know your thoughts and whether you may have been caught out by this before (we’re looking at you, courgetti and cauliflower rice!)

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